Prayer is vital to our own spiritual life and the life of the church. We think it is important that we pray for one another and for the opportunities and responsibilities that God has given us. 

Prayer Diary

We produce a prayer diary which we hope will inspire our members to pray every day of the month. Each prayer day contains three groups. Please pray for all of them. 

  • Individuals and families in the congregation
  • Residents living in the streets of the two parishes
  • Local community group, schools, church wardens, etc

You can download an an electronic version here

If you would like to be added to the prayer diary, or have any specific prayer requests please contact:

Prayer Group

On Wednesday nights in term time a small group meet for prayer, occasional bible study, chat, coffee, biscuits and eccentric teas.

This currently starts at 7.30pm and finishes about 9pm, after a time of prayer.

Everyone is welcome. During the colder months we tend to meet in one of the leader’s houses. During the warmer months (if there are any!) we tend to meet in the vestry.

Please speak to one of the leaders on a Sunday if you would like to join and we’ll tell you where it’s happening that week, or email

Prayer Stations

There are now three prayer stations in church – world, neighbourhood, personal…


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