A Prayer in Memory of Zoe

Zoe Tynan

On the 30th August 2016 Zoe Tynan tragically lost her life. We remember Zoe, her family and friends in our prayers this week – and we thank Pete for these thoughts and memories of her life:

Zoe was an extremely talented young lady who would have been a huge success in any field. She was academically gifted, a super musician, an artist and a very talented sportswoman in all areas. She still holds records in athletics at city level.

But football was her love and her passion. She dedicated her life to football whilst retaining all her other loves. She started with the Liverpool feds, but also played for the Booker Avenue school boys team and was the best player on the pitch. I even saw her score at Anfield.

She moved onto Everton ladies and the Manchester City ladies where she played and made friends with players who are now household names.

She also played for England school girls and had an international cap that she took to show the men at the hostel. She was once taken to train with the England team by a chauffeur whose last passenger to St. Georges Park was one Stephen Gerrard.

She was also very funny and my Emily loved her.

We will never know why what happened happened. But we do know that some time before, her sister Beth had asked if she could come to this church with me. During that time Beth has recognised the love and support of the Christ Church community.

On that day the police rang and asked if the church could be opened so that the family could sit in peace and feel some comfort.

David Emmott immediately came down to offer support and comfort and in the following weeks Annette James sat with the family for hours and hours offering comfort, care and prayer and ensuring that the farewell they wanted they got.

This church was packed on the day with family, friends fellow footballers including England internationals with the England coach parked on Linnet Lane and a flight to the USA delayed so that they could be here. But there were also many many people from this church who were there for dear Beth and her family.

Beth in return has made caring sharing prayerful friendships with many in our church. Of the many she has a strong affection for I must mention Rita and Pippa. One she skips down the yellow brick road with and the other she sings with.

So in this very difficult week we pray for Beth, Carl and Alison. Amen.


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